“We don’t know your stuff™”
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The common expression “We know our stuff” is a characteristic you would desire when you want to get your car fixed.  Intimate friends will know a lot of stuff about you, but would you want everyone to know those things?  Is it wise or right for corporate or government entities to know vast amounts of personal details about you?

The technology that is Matryoshka in ShofarNexus gives the ability for a third party to have your stuff, or information about you, while not knowing what that information is or even who you are.  The information, your stuff, is yours and no one else’s.   Isn’t that the way it should be?

At ShofarNexus, we know our stuff.  We understand the technology that is used to invade your privacy and the technology to protect your privacy.  We gladly share our stuff for you to use and understand.  However, your stuff is your stuff.  We will protect your stuff, not on our word, but on our technology that you can verify.

The bottom line: “We don’t know your stuff™”

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